• Event Time 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Event Start Date April 1, 2017


Sema Foundation is delighted to kick off its 3 month “Peace Islands” home based gatherings program with the motto “Planting dialogue, harvesting peace”, starting in the April thru end of June. This initiative aims to provide space for people of different religious and cultural traditions to get-to-know one another in the cozy intimacy of each other’s homes and seeks to build community through casual conversation over a delicious meal, or simply a cup of tea or coffee.

What you will do is very simple. Families or individuals- referred by Sema Friends (community leaders, volunteers etc.) – will share their 3 convenient time frames whether they pick to be a host or a guest. We will initially contact each parties and assure the gathering happens in which both parties fulfill their expectations.

Please fill out the forms below.
If you want to be host :

If you would like to be a guest :

We believe this unique event will help us prevent presumptions about one another in our community and tackle possible hate crimes . With your help, we can expand our welcoming arms and help our communities share commonalities, joy and happiness instead differences, negativity and hatred.

We hope you consider becoming a part of this great initiative that will lead to a growing pool of open hearts in the Arizona area.