Sema Foundation was founded by dedicated Arizonians back in 2004 to build bridges among local communities and to foster mutual understanding among individuals from different walks of life.

Over the last decade, our non-profit organization provided instrumental work focusing on four areas: charity, education, outreach and culture. It is our promise as Sema Foundation to strive to provide innovative and effective programs that will have significant and lasting impact in our richly diverse society.

Charitable Programs

We aim to successfully support and advocate for people in need. We seek to mobilize financial and human resources for our in-house projects and also build strategic partnerships with common purpose organizations.

Outreach Programs

The more we know about each other, the better we care for each other. Mutual understanding and collaboration is needed more than ever and to build bridges across different viewpoints we need to be open to hear everyone’s story. It all begins with a cup of tea, which is a universal conversation starter. You are welcome to walk in and feel the joy of sharing.

Educational Programs

Curiosity to learn and grow intellectually is an innate human need that requires constant nurturing. Ignorance and hate can be overcome via continuous education and dialogue. To tackle not only the current issues but also the future problems in a permanent way, come join us at our various educational platforms including, weekend school for kids, workshops and lecture series.

Cultural Programs

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. We facilitate sincere conversations among members of our community who come from diverse cultural and religious walks of life. Celebration of different cultures, cherishing the uniqueness and authenticity of individuals will be our goal in each and every event.